Spin Your Own Long Gradient Yarns

I’ve never been super impressed with the “gradient” yarns available commercially. The color changes are always too abrupt. You know what they say, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Learn how easy it is to spin your own gradient yarn in today’s post.

Diving Down The Spinning Rabbit Hole

Have you caught the spinning bug yet? I had never considered learning how to spin my own yarn until I started working for Living Dreams Yarn. Seeing all of the fabulous yarns that our customers have spun with our products really inspired me to learn more about the spinning process and start teaching myself toContinue reading “Diving Down The Spinning Rabbit Hole”

It’s Alive! Spinning Frankenyarn from Mill Ends

Celebrate spooky season with a fun spinning project using Living Dreams Yarn Mill Ends. Mill Ends are all the bits and bobs leftover from production at the fiber mill that would otherwise go to waste. These colorful bits of fluff can be brought back from the dead with a bit of spinning and determination. YouContinue reading “It’s Alive! Spinning Frankenyarn from Mill Ends”

Our 3 Favorite Plying & Spinning Techniques

When you hold a floof of fiber in your hands you can get a little overwhelmed with all the possibilities. There are so many different spinning and plying techniques to try and there’s only so much time in the day. That’s why I decided to share my 3 favorite go-to techniques for those days whenContinue reading “Our 3 Favorite Plying & Spinning Techniques”

Spin the Summer Away with Fabulous Flax Fiber

Did you know that your new linen shirt is made from flax? Flax, also known as linen, is an eco-friendly fiber made from the stem of the flax plant. Flax Linen Fiber is tough, breathable, and cool to the touch. flax linen fiber is much prized for adding longevity and a lovely drape to yarns.

Meet the Sheep: Which Wool is Which

There are so many different types of wool out there it can be hard to keep track sometimes. Now you might be thinking, a sheep’s a sheep, right? But there are actually key differences between the distinct types of wool. Want to know what the best wool sheep breeds are? Let’s find out!