How to Warp a Peg Loom & Get Started Weaving

One of the most frustrating parts of starting on a new weaving project can be warping the loom. There’s a lot of pressure to get it just right, because it is the foundation for everything else that follows. Luckily, learning how to warp a peg loom is actually really easy. In fact, it might justContinue reading “How to Warp a Peg Loom & Get Started Weaving”

Where There’s a Will There’s a Weave: 10 Unique DIY Looms

Get your feet wet in the weaving world without dropping a bunch of money on a fancy new loom. You can create fun weavings with stuff that you have around the house! I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than having fun with yarn and exercising your creative muscles.

10 Basic but Beautiful Weaving Techniques for Beginners

If you collect new hobbies like baseball cards then you’ve probably ogled some gorgeous weaving pictures on social media before. It may look complicated and way out of your league, but the basic weaving techniques are actually well within your reach. Check out this great list and you’ll soon be weaving with the best ofContinue reading “10 Basic but Beautiful Weaving Techniques for Beginners”