Create One-of-a-Kind Fabric with Wet Felting!

Wet felting is an ancient yet accessible art form that’s perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike. The process involves layering fibers, wetting them with soapy water, and using gentle agitation to encourage the fibers to interlock, creating a dense and durable fabric. With a bit of practice, you can create beautifully unique, textured, andContinue reading “Create One-of-a-Kind Fabric with Wet Felting!”

Mindful Knitting for Relaxation

The other day, while browsing the internet in search of project inspiration, I stumbled upon the story of a woman who knit her own wedding gown. The dress was beautiful and intricate, with gorgeous lace details and a unique square neckline. As I admired the creation, I also found myself wondering at the reasons behindContinue reading “Mindful Knitting for Relaxation”

Celebrate Earth Day with a Collection of the Lesser-Known Vegan Fibers

When it comes to vegan fibers, the three most common and well-known are cotton, hemp, and flax. But did you know that fiber can be made from an even wider variety of plants? From corn to pineapple to seaweed, we’ve got a collection of options to diversify your vegan shelf. You may find yourself wondering—butContinue reading “Celebrate Earth Day with a Collection of the Lesser-Known Vegan Fibers”

Spring is here! And so are new projects 🐣

The days are longer and the air is (usually) warmer because it’s officially spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Our winter was mild this year but still gave us a lot of rain, so we are looking forward to some sunshine and color in the upcoming months. As we look forward to brighter days, weContinue reading “Spring is here! And so are new projects 🐣”

Needle Felting without Animal Products: Yes You Can!

If you have a wool allergy or if you follow a vegan lifestyle then you may be wondering if needle felting without animal products is a possibility. We certainly don’t want anyone feeling left out whenever we post content related to needle felting. Lucky for you, there are a number of vegan alternatives that canContinue reading “Needle Felting without Animal Products: Yes You Can!”

10 Knitted Dickie Patterns – Free!

Level up your cowl game with a fashionable throwback that’s been making a big comeback lately. Although the name may be a bit off putting, these cozy accessories are well worth the hype. They sit close to the neck and tuck in nicely underneath a jacket or sweater to keep you snug as a bugContinue reading “10 Knitted Dickie Patterns – Free!”

How to Warp a Peg Loom & Get Started Weaving

One of the most frustrating parts of starting on a new weaving project can be warping the loom. There’s a lot of pressure to get it just right, because it is the foundation for everything else that follows. Luckily, learning how to warp a peg loom is actually really easy. In fact, it might justContinue reading “How to Warp a Peg Loom & Get Started Weaving”