Mindful Knitting for Relaxation

The other day, while browsing the internet in search of project inspiration, I stumbled upon the story of a woman who knit her own wedding gown. The dress was beautiful and intricate, with gorgeous lace details and a unique square neckline. As I admired the creation, I also found myself wondering at the reasons behind why people continue this centuries-old tradition of garment making.

Knitting, crochet, and other fiber arts have increased in popularity in recent years, and a younger crowd has brought an even wider audience to it through social media.

While knitting can certainly be beginner-friendly, it is a learned skill that requires practice and dedication to get good at. In addition to that knowledge, knitters also need tools, material, and (perhaps most significantly) time. Large projects can take weeks, if not months, to complete.

Those new to the practice might wonder why knitters do it. You may be surprised to learn that knitting has therapeutic benefits for both body and mind. The activity is a great tool for practicing mindfulness, allowing you to slow down, focus, and listen to your mind.

If you are like most of us, free minutes throughout the day are often spent mindlessly scrolling through your phone, which is known to be a detriment to your well-being. When knitting, you allow your mind to “switch off” from the day-to-day—disconnecting yourself from the outside world and centering on the movements that make a pattern come to life.

The repetitive movement of the stitches allows for contemplative thinking while the varying complexity of the pattern can engage your brain, stimulating cognitive function. Studies show that this type of productive mental engagement can keep memory and reasoning sharp. Knitting can also be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Once you get “in the zone”, you’ll be so absorbed in the task at hand, counting rows and alternating stitches, that your mind will be free from any other worries.

Furthermore, the act of producing a finished piece can bolster your self-esteem and confidence. Seeing the progress of your work can be a boost to your mood and motivation, turning negative thoughts into positive ones. And of course, snuggling under a handmade blanket or keeping warm in a new scarf can make any difficulties along the way totally worth it.

With so many benefits, we suggest you pick up those needles (or a crochet hook), a fabulous new ball of yarn, and test out these “feel good” effects for yourself.

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