Exploring the How and Why of Surface Crochet Stitches

Today we’re going to talk about surface crochet. We’ll cover how to surface crochet as well as why you would want to surface crochet. I’ll give you a little hint: there are many exciting applications for the surface crochet technique – both fun and functional. Let’s dig in!

Why should you surface crochet?

If you’ve never tried surface crochet before, then you might be wondering why you would even bother. But we think that it’s definitely a technique that you will want to add to your repertoire! Through the magic of this technique you can make surface crochet letters to personalize a project with a name or a set of initials. You can add a decorative touch to finished projects and even make plaid patterns using surface crochet. Using the surface crochet technique can even add structure and form to your completed works which is especially useful for things like baskets.

What are the preferred surface crochet surfaces?

Many folks like to surface crochet on single crochet. Because the stitches are nearly the same height and width, they create a really even grid for you to surface crochet onto. But you can certainly also surface crochet on double crochet or any other stitch for that matter. You can even surface crochet on knitting!

How do you surface crochet?

We think the best way to learn something is to just do it, so to that end we’ve gathered a small selection of free crochet patterns that call for surface crochet stitches for you to try. View the patterns below and you quickly get an idea of all of the wondrous applications of surface crochet!

Can you think of any other exciting applications for surface crochet? Have you tried this technique before? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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