10 Knit Temperature Blanket Pattern Ideas – Free!

My feed has been blowing up lately with folks looking for knit temperature blanket pattern ideas. I love seeing everyone’s creativity blossom as they brainstorm their projects. Have you jumped on the temperature blanket bandwagon yet? If not, we’ll catch you up to speed in this blog post and then give you the links to 10 free patterns that will inspire your own creations.

How do you knit a temperature blanket?

The first step to knitting a temperature blanket is making a plan. You will be “recording” the temperature of each day by using different colors of yarn to represent different ranges in temperature. So you will need to decide what colors you will use for which temperatures.

You can go with the traditional range of cool colors to warm colors or you can shake things up with a unique color palette that best reflects your personal sense of style. You will get more color inspiration below when you check out our list of 10 knit temperature blanket pattern ideas – free!

Decide whether you would like to record the average temperature for each day or the high or the low. If you get behind on your blanket, you can always look up the temperature information online from sites like wunderground.com or theweathernetwork.ca if you are in Canada.

Best Knit Stitch for Temperature Blanket

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to determining the best knit stitch for temperature blankets. Keeping things simple with garter or stockinette stitch is a great choice for beginner knitters that will really allow the colors to speak for themselves. Choosing something like linen stitch will soften the changes between colors for a more harmonious and blended style.

The best way to choose a knit stitch for your temperature blanket is to see what’s out there. Check out our list of 10 knit temperature blanket pattern ideas below and see what jumps out at you. This project will be on your needles for an entire year, so I think the most important thing is that you like the stitch you are working with.

Knit Temperature Blanket Pattern Ideas

What did you think of these knit temperature blanket pattern ideas? Will you be attempting a temperature project this year? We would love to hear all about your plans (and your progress!) in our Facebook Community. Or tag us on social media @livingdreamsyarn

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