New Yarn: Suri Sensation

We are very excited to introduce a brand new member of the Living Dreams Yarn product family: Suri Sensation. It may look like mohair, but it’s actually a brushed yarn made with rare Suri alpaca fleece that’s super soft and fluffy.

You can use it by itself to create gauzy lace projects or pair it with another yarn to add fluffy brushed texture and exciting coloring… making it your very own unique creation. Each skein is hand painted in a dazzling array of colors and it is so satisfying to see how the colors play out as you work with it.

A brioche scarf knit with Suri Sensation Coral Reef and Queen Anne Royal Velvet

These skeins are small but mighty. Each skein weighs only 25 gram but has an amazing 255 yards. Save on a 3 pack and get a whopping 765 yards in total! It is lace weight #0 with a content of 78% Brushed Suri and 22% Nylon. Depending on your project, this yarn is suitable for a wide range of needles US #4-8 and beyond.

You can view all 11 exciting colorways of Suri Sensation in our Etsy shop or keep reading to learn more about Suri Alpacas.

What Makes Suri Alpacas Special?

There are two breeds of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri, which are distinguished by their fleece types. Suri alpacas make up less than 10% of the total alpaca population worldwide. That’s just one of the many reasons that our Suri Sensation yarn is so special and unique.

Here you can see how different a Suri Alpaca (center) looks from Hucaya Alpacas

While Huacaya alpaca fiber may resemble wool in that it is fluffy and crimpy, the Suri alpaca fiber is a world apart. It has no crimp at all and it is very smooth and straight. In order to achieve the soft fuzziness in our Suri Sensation yarn the alpaca fiber is lightly brushed.

You might be surprised at just how environmentally friendly it is to raise alpacas. One acre of land can house 2-8 alpacas and they don’t eat very much relative to their weight. This is in line with the Living Dreams Yarn core values that we always strive to uphold.

What do you think of this exciting new product? Can you think of any projects that you would love to make with it? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. Our newsletter subscribers actually found out about Suri Sensation weeks before it was officially announced, and they even got to help name one of the colorways! If you want access to exclusive content like this, then be sure to sign up for our newsletter.


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