Quiz: What Creative Energy do you Give Off?

We couldn’t find any good personality quizzes for crafters, so we decided to make one ourselves! Take this quick 10 question quiz to determine what type of creative energy you give off. Will you be a patient perfectionist, a mellow maker, or a chaotic crafter?

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Spin the Summer Away with Fabulous Flax Fiber

Did you know that your new linen shirt is made from flax?

Flax, also known as linen, is an eco-friendly fiber made from the stem of the flax plant. Flax Linen Fiber is tough, breathable, and cool to the touch. flax linen fiber is much prized for adding longevity and a lovely drape to yarns.

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10 Fun Yarn Spinning Techniques to Try

If you have ever tried spinning your own yarn before then you know just how fun and addicting it can be! We found 10 exciting spinning technique tutorials for you to try so you can stretch your spinning skills. Learn new things, try different techniques, and just have fun with it!

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Meet the Sheep: Which Wool is Which

There are so many different types of wool out there it can be hard to keep track sometimes. Now you might be thinking, a sheep’s a sheep, right? But there are actually key differences between the distinct types of wool. Want to know what the best wool sheep breeds are? Let’s find out!

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10 Cute Summer Needle Felting Ideas

Needle felting is a great craft for summer because it’s easy to take the supplies with you wherever your adventures take you. Today we’re going to be taking inspiration from all the best things about summer – like favorite summer treats, wildlife, botanicals, and ocean views!

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Crafty Summer Activities for Kids

Keeping the kids occupied all day during summer break can be exhausting. Doing crafts with kids is a great way to encourage their creativity and build confidence. Plus, it’s always nice to have something to do indoors on those occasional rainy summer days. 

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