Good Question: What is the Point of Felted Soap?

If you’re new to the concept of wet felting soap then you might be wondering, what’s the point? What is felted soap used for? And how does felted soap work? There’s no such thing as a stupid question here. So today let’s dig into the ins and out of felted soap! (Spoiler alert: it’s much more practical than you might think!)

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10 Quick and Easy Bulky Knits to Gift

This time of year it seems like I’m always running short on time and patience. If you’re like me and you still have a few folks to make for on your Christmas list, then you are sure to appreciate these 10 quick and easy bulky knits to gift! They are all free patterns and there is a good variety of projects to choose from. See for yourself!

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Diving Down The Spinning Rabbit Hole

Have you caught the spinning bug yet? I had never considered learning how to spin my own yarn until I started working for Living Dreams Yarn. Seeing all of the fabulous yarns that our customers have spun with our products really inspired me to learn more about the spinning process and start teaching myself to spin.

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Weave: 10 Unique DIY Looms

Get your feet wet in the weaving world without dropping a bunch of money on a fancy new loom. You can create fun weavings with stuff that you have around the house! I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than having fun with yarn and exercising your creative muscles.

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DIY Thanksgiving Trivet with Wool Balls

Add a handmade touch to your Thanksgiving table with an enticing wool ball trivet. We’ll teach you how to felt your own wool balls using roving. All you need is some wool, some hot soapy water, and some time! (Needle felting tools are helpful too but they’re optional) We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Block It Like It’s Hot

Have you followed instructions for a project before that instructed you to block your work? If you’ve never blocked a project before then you might have just skipped over this step. Some folks think that blocking is too time-consuming, too confusing, or just plain unnecessary. I know that I’m guilty of these things too!

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Quiz: Crafts in Pop Culture

There’s nothing quite like that thrill of validation you feel when you see a famous person doing your favorite craft in a tv show or a movie. You might be surprised at just how much knitting, crochet, and felting “pop” up in pop culture. Can you recognize all of the movies and tv shows featured in this quiz?

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Fall Into 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Autumn

The first day of Fall was technically September 22nd, but it’s just starting to finally feel like it now towards the end of October. We had a good, long summer here in the Pacific Northwest and now we’re ready to embrace all things fall! Let’s celebrate with 10 free fall crochet patterns.

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Adorable Alert! Needle Felted Fashion for Fall

If needle felting myself pumpkin shaped elbow patches for fall is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Get in the fall spirit with me and learn how easy it is to needle felt fun elbow patches with this quick and easy tutorial. Even if you’ve never needle felted before, you can totally do this!

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It’s Alive! Spinning Frankenyarn from Mill Ends

Celebrate spooky season with a fun spinning project using Living Dreams Yarn Mill Ends. Mill Ends are all the bits and bobs leftover from production at the fiber mill that would otherwise go to waste. These colorful bits of fluff can be brought back from the dead with a bit of spinning and determination. You will be blown away by the result!

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